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The Museum Suq


Denise Browning

Let there be light! This year we continued our renovation by adding new track lighting to the Suq. The difference is simply amazing! We also added a new computer to the office that seems to move with the speed of light compared with our old computer. With these new advances we have increased sales 12% over last year.

On a very sad note we lost one of our most loyal docents this year, Peggy Kovacs. She came in with a cheerful smile every Friday morning for over twenty years! She will be genuinely missed. Another of our volunteers, Agnethe Rattenborg, had surgery on her knee.

This year we moved the rug division of our inventory sale downstairs into the LaSalle Banks Education Center. Piled with rugs it looked like a Near Eastern Suq.

Many thanks to all of our volunteers who perform such a wonderful service for our customers and who have been such a pleasure to work with all of these years. Thanks to Florence Ovadia who continues to create wonderful displays, Georgie Maynard who replenishes our stock, Norma van der Meulen who designs and makes original jewelry for us, and our student staff: Christian Hess, Holly Warren, Jennifer Westerfeld (who graduated this year and will return to the Oriental Institute as a graduate student in Egyptology), Emily Shavers, Amanda Eichelkraut, Adrian Degifis, and Megan Dorman.

Docents - Loyal Regulars

Muriel Brauer, Georgie Maynard

Patty Dunkel, Rochelle Rossin

Peggy Grant, Jane Thain

Ruth Hyman, Norma van der Meulen

Docents - Loyal Extras

Barbara Baird, Janet Helman , Jo Jackson, Felicia Whitcomb, J. J. Whitcomb

Revised: February 23, 2007

Home > Research > Publications > Annual Reports > 1999-2000 Annual Report