Research Archives Adopt-a-Book Campaign

Research Archives Library WindowThe Research Archives needs your help to maintain its position as the premier library for ancient Near Eastern studies in the Western Hemisphere. The Adopt-a-Book Campaign is an opportunity to provide the library with its most valuable asset and demonstrate your commitment to the preservation of knowledge and learning for future generations of Oriental Institute members, scholars, students, and visitors.

Donors to the program can choose to adopt a book, create a fund to ensure long-term support, or donate a personal copy of a specific volume needed in the collection. Every dollar donated goes toward purchasing new volumes, above and beyond our current acquisitions. We are pleased to recognize our donors with a permanent, personalized bookplate in the volumes that they sponsor along with a digital bookplate visible through the Research Archives catalog, as well as a mention in the pages of the Oriental Institute Annual Report. If you would like information about how to adopt a book, please contact the Head of the Research Archives via phone at 773-702-9537 or via email. We can provide you with a list of adoptable books in your field of interest as well as the costs for sponsoring those volumes. We are very grateful for your sponsorship.

Examples of personalized bookplates:

You can adopt-a-book through our online pledge form. Under “Purpose of Gift,” simply check the box for “Research Archives Library” and type “100%” in the box (unless you are giving multiple gifts to multiple departments). Then in the “Special Instructions” field, you can simply tell us which journal(s) you would like to adopt and for how long.

You could also simply write a check made out to the “Oriental Institute” and send it to the following address:

Research Archives
Oriental Institute
1155 East 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Please be sure to include your instructions concerning which book(s) you would like to sponsor. After receipt, a unique bookplate will be designed to honor your generosity and a copy will be sent to you via email.