Wednesday, February 15th, 6:30-8:30pm

Hittite Roundtable in the Oriental Institute's Director's Study

Join fellow YP’ers for an intimate dinner-discussion of the ancient Hittite language and culture with Theo van den Hout, the Arthur and Joann Rasmussen Professor of Hittite and Anatolian Languages and Executive Editor of the Hittite Dictionary Project, and Petra Goedegebuure, Associate Professor of Hittitology and Senior Editor of the Hittite Dictionary Project.  The earliest preserved member of the Indo-European language family, Hittite was written on clay tablets from c. 1650-1180 B.C. in ancient Anatolia - what is today modern Turkey.  The Hittites were a major force in the ancient Near East, at various times rivaling Egypt, Babylonia, and Assyria.  Come with your questions or just an interest in learning more about the Hittites!

Free Event.  Limited to 15 participants.  Registration required.  RSVP to Jennie Myers by 5:00pm Monday Feb. 13 at or 773-702-9513.

Photo Courtesy of Thalia Lysen


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2017 Oriental Institute Gala at Four Season Hotel

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