Our Curriculum Guides feature:

  • Three ancient civilizations: Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Nubia, and Ancient Egypt
  • Collections and resources of the Oriental Institute Museum
  • Reference material for teachers
  • Teacher-developed lesson plans
  • Hands-on activities for students
  • Full-color map transparencies
  • Primary source material

Life in Ancient Mesopotamia

Explore the “cradle of civilization,” which gave the world its earliest writing system, first cities, and earliest evidence of the rule of law.

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Life in Ancient Nubia

Ebony, ivory, gold, and feathers are but a few of the natural treasures traded by Nubia, a land that once ruled ancient Egypt.

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Life in Ancient Egypt

Journey to the land of the pharaohs, where splendor stretched from this life to the afterlife in the form of elaborate temples, tombs, and pyramids.

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