Tour Programs at a Glance

Book a group visit today! Please read the descriptions below to learn about the tours and programs the Oriental Institute offers for various types of groups. University of Chicago student groups are eligible for free tours and visits. 

The Edgar and Deborah Jannotta Mesopotamian Gallery and the Yelda Khorsabad Court Gallery will be closed for repainting in January 2018; we are unable to offer any guided tours or programs during that time. Self-guided group visits are available in January, but please note that approximately one third of the galleries will be closed during that time. Guided tours and programs resume February 1, 2018.

Program Cost per Student Cost per Senior Cost per Adult # of Participants Suggested Grade Duration
Guided Tour $5 $7 $10 10-60 4th+ 1 hour
Self-Guided Tour $5 $7 $10 10-60 N/A 1 hour
Guided Tour + Film $5 $10 $13 10-120 4th+ 2 hours
Time Travelers $10 N/A  N/A 10-20 K-3rd 2 hours
Junior Archaeologist $10 N/A N/A 10-44 4th-8th 2 hours
Artifact Analysis $10 N/A N/A 10-60 5th-12th 2 hours
Ancient Innovators $10 N/A N/A 10-120 5th-12th 2 hours