The Epigraphic Survey

CH-color-logo-2015.jpgThe Epigraphic Survey, based at Chicago House in Luxor, Egypt, is directed by W. Raymond Johnson, Research Associate (Associate Professor) of the University of Chicago and Oriental Institute. The mission of the Survey since its founding in 1924 has been to produce photographs and precise line drawings of the inscriptions and relief scenes on major temples and tombs at Luxor for publication. More recently the Survey has expanded its program to include conservation, restoration, site management, and conservation training. In addition to the field director, the professional staff of the Survey normally includes three to four epigraphers, four to five artists, multiple photographers, an architect, a librarian, several conservators, stonemasons, IT consultants, and finance/administrators. The epigraphers and artists include both graduate students and post-doctoral scholars who have received training in all aspects of Egyptology. The Epigraphic Survey has currently completed its 94th archaeological field season.

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